Relentless in focus and discipline for facilitating practical blockchain, cryptography, and web3 applications, solutions, and infrastructures through supporting legitimate products, principles and people


To bring out the latent potential and power of possibility through programs and infrastructure for education in blockchain, cryptography, and web3

IBCOL Programs

IBCOL helps students and young people learn about blockchain, cryptography, and web3. IBCOL approves educational materials and certifies courses around the world.

IBCOL Gatherings

IBCOL manages events like conferences and competitions, which help people who study and work in blockchain, cryptography, and web3 to share ideas and work together.

IBCOL Working Groups

IBCOL helps set up groups that make rules & standards concerning blockchain, cryptography, web3. These groups include experts from academics, professionals, governments.

IBCOL Infrastructure

IBCOL builds a system that keeps track of people's school and work achievements in a trusted way, so that schools and workplaces everywhere may exchange these records reliably.


“Unless we act now, the 2030 Agenda will become an epitaph for a world that might have been.”


Announcement: misinformation and misrepresentation

4 June 2024

IBCOL launches library of practical web3 solutions

14 March 2024

IBCOL seeks partners for local representation

14 February 2024