Information Collection via Google Forms

What is my information collected for?

All information is used for IBCOL events, specifically for identity verification and due diligence. IBCOL events include training sessions, mentorship sessions, matchmaking sessions, symposiums, and competitions.

What if my information is incorrect?

If you did not save your IBCOL Google Form URL upon completion, simply fill in another form or contact a representative of IBCOL or the Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad committee. The IBCOL reserves the right to revoke access or privileges if the information is incorrect.

Who are the sister organizations and strategic partners of IBCOL?

The IBCOL shares information only with the Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad Committees, and to its sister organization the International Data Science Olympiad and the Hong Kong Data Science Olympiad committees. The IBCOL also shares information only with three education partners: the Hong Kong Blockchain Society (https://www.hkbcs.org), the Talent Development Institute (https://talentdevelopment.institute), and the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong (https://www.cb.cityu.edu.hk).

Will my information be shared or sold to other third party organizations?

No other organization besides those aforementioned explicitly (even sponsors or supporting organizations) have the right to access this information. Any other use of this information will require additional consent from you.

Consent Agreement

By filling an IBCOL Google Form, you consent to the usage of this information by the International Blockchain Olympiad, its sister organizations, and education partners for the purpose of IBCOL activities only.